Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells and many people are living with cancer or have had lived. Millions of people are fighting against this massive problem or have already fought. There are many types of cancer and the most common among all of them are lung cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, blood cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and lymphoma.  

The cancer treatment, cancer prevention and early detection have shown an immense progress in biology. The studies show that scientists have acknowledged a lot more information in last few decades as compared in all the centuries preceding.

In these last two centuries, cancer treatment has come up from the most effective surgical treatments to the highly advanced targeted therapies which tend to work by overpowering the processes that control growth, division and spread of cancer cells.

Today there are many possible ways of cancer treatment available in biology. Every treatment is dependent to the level or type of cancer the patient is suffering from. There is normally a single treatment done for the patient but in few critical situations more than one treatment is required like surgery with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy or hormone therapy.

Chemotherapy also known as ‘Chemo’ is a term used for any drug to treat any disease and in most of the cases this term means drugs for cancer treatment. In the surgery and radiation therapy process, it removes, kills or damage the cancer cell in a very certain area whereas chemo works throughout the body. This process of chemo kills cancer cells that are spread in all over the body even away from the original tumor.

From immunotherapies to robot surgeries cancer research has successfully continued to advance on many fronts and has also reached to gene therapies.

As per the latest study the cancer war has come up with some significant results;

  • Earlier only 50% of cancer patients used to survive at least for five years, now two-thirds of them do survive.
  • Today the count of cancer survivors is more as compared to earlier.
  • The fear of cancer is slowly changing as we can see many leaders and popular tv stars are coming on screen and talking about cancer and about their personal experiences.

“Cancer is really hard to go through and it’s really hard to watch someone you love go through, and I know because I have been on both sides of the equation.” – Cynthia Nixon on her and her mother’s battle with breast cancer.

This is further changing the historical idea about cancer that it cannot be cured.

  • As now more cancer survivals are seen, more attention is being paid to the quality of lifestyle.

I was always motivated while I was going through my treatment that I’m going to come back and play for India. I think that’s what kept me going and got me through.” Yuvraj Singh after recovering from cancer.

The idea of let’s fight cancer together can be massively seen!

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