Yes! cancer is not the death sentence. There is life beyond being hit,on as a cancer patient. Maybe, life plays well with you and brings you back to soul by your treatment leading you to be cancer free someday. With some hope and little patience, one can run around frolic to bring back joy in the lives of their families and friends who are equally worried about them. Maybe this storm was to let you know that your health and your life is important, maybe it wants you to bring yourself closer to it. Either you can claim your disease to be big, very huge and let it consume you for the remaining part of your life or either let it be defied with your fearless approach because you actually know what are the things you always wanted to do and they are left undone. Either one’s energy could be saved to be put in the right direction, direction where there is life, life beyond regrets and remorse. Life beyond fear of death or either surrender yourself to the end that hasn’t come yes. You can still fight it back with a little courage. Maybe life is waiting to throw the next ball in your court where you will lead the play and be the game changer. Thus, nothing in life comes prepared, no matter whatever we do, there will always be surprises, always be challenges. What actually matters is not the experience but the lesson one learns out of it. Giving up is very easy, and this is a disease and it can be dangerous but not that powerful to take away our strength to fight. This is a phase and this too shall pass away. Life is meant to be taken as it comes, it isn’t easy, neither it was meant to be. It is difficult and it must be having a solution!  

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