Feeling frightened, worried and unhappy is normal while going through a cancer diagnosis. Today in our blog we will be talking about how to stay under control and deal with all the possible requirements during this crucial time frame because usually, people who are diagnosed with cancer tend to lose self-control and starts feeling lonely which is not required.


Let’s understand Diagnosis

Cancer Diagnosis does not have any simple or a single method. Malignant cells can take months or years to get multiplied to a point where it becomes detectable cancer. Cancer’s symptoms depend on its location and in an unfortunate case it is possible for cancer to widespread before it reflects any symptoms.

There are cases where cancer has been detected during a normal routine blood test.

There are few cancers which are easy to detect, like; Skin cancer, change in mole or wart, mouth or throat, cervix, and vagina or the rectum and anus.

Doctor asks about the patient’s personal and family medical history that helps him to examine the patient in a better way and proceeds the treatment by undergoing few required tests.

Lab Tests

Why a lab test? There are certain substances in our body that can be high or low and hence cause a sign of cancer. Blood, urine and other body fluid tests which are helpful in measuring these certain substances, helps the doctor to understand and make a better diagnosis. Lab tests are an important but not only way to diagnose cancer, there are few more procedures involved.

Imaging Procedures

As the name goes, imaging procedure is about picture creating of the areas inside your body. These pictures help doctors to examine you better and understand if the tumor is present. To create these pictures, you can undergo:

  • CT Scan; when a detailed picture of your organ is needed, this x-ray machine is used. The inside areas of the body are highlighted with a dye or some other contrast material that helps in reading the x-ray better.


  • Nuclear Scan; Have you heard about tracer? To undergo this scan doctors gives a small amount of radioactive material injection which is also known as a tracer. The injection flows into your bloodstream and collects in certain bones or organs. Radioactivity is detected by a machine called scanner. The scanner creates pictures in a form of film of your bones or organs, this kind of scan is also known as radionuclide scan.  


  • Ultrasound; Ultrasound is not an alien term for any of us. We all must have gone through this sometime in our lives. For those who have not, it’s a device that sends out sound waves that can’t be heard by people. The waves bounce off tissues inside your body like an echo. These echoes are further used in creating pictures of the areas inside your body which is also known as Sonogram.


  • MRI; MRI is used to get detailed pictures of areas inside your body. These pictures are visible on the computer and your doctor prints them on a film.


  • PET Scan; An injection of a tracer is needed for this scan. Further, a 3D picture is created by the machine to locate where the tracer is collected in your body. This scan is used to know how tissue and organs are working.



  • X-rays




In few situations, a biopsy is needed to diagnosis cancer. In the biopsy procedure, the doctor removes tissue’s sample. Further, this sample is tested under the microscope by a pathologist to confirm if it’s cancer. There are various ways to remove this sample;

  • Using a needle
  • With the help of an endoscope
  • Surgery

This is the basic information we tried to spreading among our readers. If you want to know anything in details, feel free to write us on our email id or leave a comment below in the comment box.

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