About Our Practice

With our mission to serve cancer treatment, we are here to fulfill our aim by supplying the best kinds of medicines for your treatment. We thrive to make our best care for people. We want to put ourselves together to bring people suffering from cancer back to life for we well know the prayers of their families. We treasure relationship and value emotions. Therefore, we aim at giving our best for if giving our best could save one’s life we could give it a million times.

Why Choose Medinglobal

We are a team of dedicated providers who are licensed providers and distributors of medicines of Cancer Treatment. As committed to a very important field we make sure that the keys or say the baton of trust is passed on to the right people only. We value and treasure the significance of the presence of one’s life. Thus, we work on providing just the right kind of medicines so that the patient covers on his health well.

Cancer is a kind of dangerous tumour that multiplies itself upon the number of tissues in one’s body and spreads quickly throughout. Thus, its cure is crucially important. And we make sure that we supply you with all possible medicines that can be helpful or be recommended by doctor. You can always trust upon the certification and quality check we have of our deals.

Our  Members

Sachin Bhatija

Sachin Bhatija is the Managing Partner of the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. He also holds certificate in Import & Export Management from Ministry of Commerce. He is a certified pharmacist who started his career as a Medical Representative and worked with a few Pharma companies. He also has the experience of working as a lead pharmacist for major hospital pharmacies such as Max Hospital. He brings to Medinglobal his expertise as a Lead Pharmacist, Export Import Trade queries and manages all customer operations for us. His expertise in operations has helped us immensely in framing our SLAs.

Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh is the Managing Partner of the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. He is a certified pharmacist. Mr. Kuldeep Singh is a dynamic and experienced professional. His foresight and balanced thought process are an inspiration to others. He is highly focused and strongly determined.

Having a vast experience of managing a trading set up, he is well versed with various government rules, regulations and labour laws. He encourages discipline and time management to ensure a productive work environment.

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